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New Life Church


Answering Questions, Questioning Answers

 in Clarkfield, Minnesota  

Welcome to the prairie of rural, western Minnesota! If you're new to the territory,
one of your first questions may be How in the world did I end up here? Be careful,
or you just might end up falling in love with this part of the state. We hope you'll take
time to enjoy the muted beauty God has provided in the land. Most of the soil is tilled,
of course. Corn, beans, and sugar beets are the staple crops produced by local farmers to help feed the world. Our farmers work hard, and it shows in the harvest each year. Even
in lean years when the vitals rains don't fall, our farmers have learned to grow grateful hearts. Maybe grateful hearts are our biggest crop after all: praise and gratitude to God.



Kimm Jacobson and Todd Cole passed out Gideon New Testa­ments and shared the gospel with four receptive boys on a hot evening during Five Day Club.

Maintaining equipment is very important on the farm. Cal is a chip off the old block. His dad is a farmer.
Are you surprised?


Farmers around here are always asking questions. Most of them have to do with ways
they can produce a bigger and better harvest. After all, a lot of people are still hungry all around the world. Even if you're not a farmer, you probably have questions, too. Because life has questions. Big questions: Does God exist? or Is there life after death? 
Practical questions: How can I manage my finances better? or Is there anybody around here who 
can help my child with homework? 
Painful questions: Why is life so unfair? or 
Can I trust anyone here enough to share my private problems?

The sun rises on the last load of the sugar beet harvest after a long night in the field for Todd & Nick Cole. Our farmers are giving thanks to God for a superb yield, a record year for many farmers.

Lois Lynner and Mary Hegna posed for the camera at
the end of summer picnic at North Park in Clarkfield.


At New Life Church we do questions. But we're not know-it-alls. We're struggling with
many questions ourselves. In many ways we're the worst of sinners. When you meet us, you'll find out. If you've got it all together, please don't join our church! But we face our
shortcomings head-on in our search for answers to the questions of life. The key for us

is God's unconditional love for us (and you) he has made available in the person of Jesus Christ. For many people, that's not a step of faith, it's a flying leap. That's why you have questions. Probably a lot of them. May we have the honor of asking them with you?

605 Ninth Ave, P.O. Box 416 • Clarkfield, MN 56223

(320) 226-6105

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