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Answering Questions, Questioning Answers


What should I expect?


Music is not our strength, but we love to sing.

Occasionally we sing songs from an old book.
Most often, though, we sing from PowerPoint.

Sometimes a live worship team leads the way.
Other times we sing along with a video song.


Usually there's a greeting time after the singing.

It's the most dangerous time for guests because
you might be squeezed to death. There haven't
been any recent fatalities. If you make it through
the greeting time, there's a good chance you'll
survive the entire worship hour in one piece. 



It helps to have a lookout on the combine. Here Ethan keeps an eye out for wild animals, and maybe candy. 

605 Ninth Ave, P.O. Box 416 • Clarkfield, MN 56223

God's promises are trustworthy in Clarkfield, too. This double rainbow reminds us that God will never again flood the entire earth. (Ross Riecke farm, spring 2015) 

(320) 226-5280

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