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Answering Questions, Questioning Answers


What should I expect?

Our main gathering is 10:00 a.m. Sundays.

That's probably the best time to check us out.

We're a small group, usually less than 25 people,
but there's plenty of room for you. Coffee is provided.

We're mostly older people, but we love young people.
You'll see this when our adult kids and grandkids visit.

The new children's area is dynamite with lots of toys.

Ties and dresses are welcome, but rare here.

Most people dress casually and comfortably.

Shoot, some people come dressed to sleep.

We're not put off by those who look different.
Not everyone wears jeans and cowboy boots.

You might not want to look like us, anyway.
Nobody here has ever won a beauty pageant

(that we know of).


This "toy" isn't in our children's play area at New Life. But Jonathan loved it anyway.


We love to sing, most often from PowerPoint.

Occasionally we sing songs from an old book.

Sometimes a live worship team leads the way.
Other times we sing along with a video song.

Messages are designed to be interesting to
people without a church background.
let's face it, Christians need as much help
as anyone else. Maybe they need it more.

So we talk a lot about the shortcomings

of Christ followers, our own problems.

Please don't worry about the offering.

We pass an offering plate, but it's not for you. 

Guests are off the hook. Really and truly!

Pastor Doug Clevenger dramatically told the story of blind Bartimaeus at 5 Day Club. The children and adults hung on every twist and turn of the exciting Bible story.


A few people come early. Nearly all stay late

for little circles of conversation after church.

That is one of the best times to ask questions.

You may even get invited to dinner, or maybe a potluck.


If it sounds like a little country church, well...

maybe that's exactly what we are. OK, that's
sorta strange in today's world. You'll love it!

God's promises are trustworthy in Clarkfield, too. This double rainbow reminds us that God will never again flood the entire earth. (Ross Riecke farm) 

605 Ninth Ave, P.O. Box 416 • Clarkfield, MN 56223

(320) 226-6105

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