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Answering Questions, Questioning Answers


What should I expect?


Many of the people here have a deep hunger
for God. You'll see that as we open our Bibles
and study it to find answers to our questions
(and questions for our answers. That's big.)
If you're not sure you're hungry for God
or you don't have a Bible, that's OK, too.
There's room for everybody, no matter
who you are or what you believe. Relax.


Kimm Jacobson and Todd Cole passed out Gideon New Testa­ments and shared the gospel with four receptive boys on a hot evening during Five Day Club at Hazel Run. (June 2012)

605 Ninth Ave, P.O. Box 416 • Clarkfield, MN 56223

Family matters to Todd Cole. Harvest is family time in the tractor or combine. Todd yearns for his life
to be a consistent testimony to the grace of God and life change through abiding in Jesus Christ.  
(September 2015)

(320) 226-5280

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