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Answering Questions, Questioning Answers


We have questions, too.

Hi! My name is Doug Clevenger. I've served as pastor at New Life Church since 2011,
when the previous pastor, beloved John Lingenfelder, was suddenly stricken with cancer
and called home to heaven after less than two years in Clarkfield. The people here were grief stricken, but they did an amazing job of caring for his widow Kay, who remained with us three more years. It was their love in this time of loss which convinced me to drop the word "interim" from my ministry at New Life Church. What a privilege it is to serve the Lord with them here!


I'm technically challenged--no Facebook, no twitter, a smart phone just in time for COVID-19.
I love to write, which is one way to answer questions and question answers. Some spiritual leaders are bemoaning the postmodern generation which builds their lives from a worldview built on skepticism. But I think it's great! Christ followers are being forced to dig deep and address hard questions we may have skimped on or skipped over in times past. You'll find both answers to questions and questions to answers in my blog. Just click on the link below. Enjoy!

Carol and Doug Clevenger

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